The Howard Group


Who We Are

The Howard Group is a nationally recognized and award-winning search firm driven by a deep belief that employees drive the success and failure of businesses.

We are a true extension of the hiring executive.

We provide a more enlightened approach to search and placement by providing a level of insight and service that hiring executives and HR professionals require in today’s market.

We recruit and interview with the same mindset that you have. We operate in a consultative manner – we work with the same care toward helping you create a superior team just as if it was our own group.

We represent you with care.

At The Howard Group we take very seriously our role in being your representative to prospective candidates. Our clients’ image and reputation are very important to us. We believe that all candidates that interact with us in regard to your company should end up with a positive impression no matter what the outcome of the engagement.

We believe that the Right Match is the key to success.

The Howard Group delivers the highest quality consultation to both clients and candidates. We truly believe the only successful outcome is to find the Right Match between the client’s needs and the candidate’s goals.

The Howard Group takes a long term view.

Finding the right people to make you more successful is one of the most important things we will ever do for your company. When we partner with you on this critical business activity, we want to build a relationship that is valuable to you long beyond a specific placement.

"The firm exudes Honesty, Integrity, Ethics, Dependability, and Trust which are all the key ingredients of what a partner should bring to the table."

"At the end of the day, our business relationship with The Howard Group and their recruiting success for our company is one of our competitive advantages."