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The Howard Group has an impeccable track record in meeting the needs of our clients. Please click on the names below to read testimonials from clients.

Client Testimonials - Peter Travis

"Our working relationship was honest, direct, and trustworthy. I never felt like you [Peter Travis] were trying to sell me on anyone…you were always working in the best interests of my company."

Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

I view Peter as a trusted resource on a wide range of sales resource issues. He has provided much more than just a qualified candidate. When I needed to understand industry compensation norms for two new positions, Peter did the research and supplied the answers. He also acted as a consultant to a team I charged with determining locations for a new distribution channel and his knowledge of available sales talent helped the team provide solid recommendations.

Executive Director
Marketing and Sales of a national life and health carrier

"I want to share with you that I think you [Peter Travis] are the best in your business. You are professional, smart, long-term thinking and you go after the win-win."

Vice President of Sales
Insurance Carrier

"The Howard Group has an exceptional reputation that has been earned by achieving results for clients."