The Howard Group


What Makes Us Different

Choosing a search firm that possesses the right characteristics and qualifications to successfully fill your open positions is pivotal. At The Howard Group, we are uniquely qualified to partner with you on this critical business activity.


We recruit and interview with the same mindset that you have. We operate in a consultative manner – we work with the same care toward helping you create a superior team just as if it was our own group.


We do not give up on difficult searches. We take seriously the trust you place in us to conduct a search for your company. We will continue our efforts until the opening is filled.


By specializing in specific industries and positions, we know the companies and professionals that populate your particular industry. We know your industry, the trends, and your competition.

Recruiting Process

The Howard Group is the only search firm that has actually conducted independent market research on best practices in conducting search and placement. The results of that market research have been incorporated into our recruiting protocols and have repeatedly proven to be effective in attracting qualified candidates.


The Howard Group has a core group of award winning recruiters whose average tenure exceeds 12 years of recruiting experience within their specialty.

Network of Contacts

Due to the specialization and tenure of our recruiters, we have a vast network of industry contacts and database built from years of continuous contact with industry professionals.


Building on specialization, tenure, and depth of contacts, we have successfully made placements in all major and secondary markets in the country. We can service your needs wherever they are.


The Howard Group has an impeccable track record of success in meeting the needs of its clients. That success track record is virtually unrivaled by other search firms. Many times clients volunteer to act as references on behalf of our recruiters and the firm.

"The Howard Group is consultative. They advise objectively for what’s in the best interest of my organization – never their own billing fees."

"The Howard Group does not waste time. If they can help you, they will. If not, they are refreshingly honest and will tell you so."