The Howard Group


Cost To Hire

How much does it really cost to hire someone?

Your Company

The Howard Group Solution

Advertise for the position
Network for
$200 to $1200
to post an ad
Time it takes
to network
We use our extensive
network and database to alert
qualified candidates
about your opening.
Qualify resumes
and leads
How much is your time worth? Hours of lost productivity
We screen candidates to your stated qualifications
Interview several
More lost hours
of productivity
You only interview the most qualified candidates from our screening process
After all that, what if there is not a good fit?
Repeat the process
and costs again
We provide an employment guarantee on all placements

Total Costs
Lost productivity, costs, frustration, and headaches
We make the process simple and cost effective saving you time and frustration.

"The Howard Group keeps their search narrow thereby maximizing recruiting effort and minimizing our time and expense."