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Workers’ Compensation, Ancillary Benefits Provider Engages The Howard Group to Fill National Vice President of Sales Position

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Workers’ Compensation, Ancillary Benefits Provider

Business Description:

This client is with one of the top 5 workers’ compensation, ancillary benefits providers in the industry. It has experienced a 15% growth in revenues, year-over-year for the last three years. It has worked diligently over the last few years to build out its operational capacity by expanding its technology and growing internal personnel.  As a result, it is in an enviable position to aggressively pursue new business opportunities with full confidence that it can successfully fulfill all product and service demands as well as provide unparalleled customer service.

Products and services of this organization include:  home health medical equipment, home health therapy, home nursing services, transportation, vehicle modification, orthotics and prosthetics, diagnostic imaging, and pharmacy, among others.  Distribution is both workers’ compensation and group health insurance carriers and TPA’s.  There are 8 sales professionals that report to this position.

Business Objective:

Due to the on-going success and projected growth of this company, the senior leadership needed a seasoned Sales Management Executive to lead the sales force. The selected candidate would be in charge of formalizing the sales processes, reorganizing the reporting structure, reviewing compensation, and a variety of other projects designed to streamline and make the sales force an effective sales unit. 


The Client engaged The Howard Group as its sole recruiting source to fill this National Vice President of Sales. The Howard Group used its a network of contacts, created over 30 of years combined recruiting experience in the healthcare services industry to identify and recruit potential candidates. Through the rigorous application of The Howard Group Seven-Phase Search Process, The Howard Group was able to identify and attract well-qualified candidates. An offer was extended and accepted by an exceptionally well-qualified executive. The Howard Group continues to serve the Client with its on-going recruiting needs.

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